Have an Item to Sell?

Bring your item to the shop or send us pictures

The best way for us to tell you if we can purchase your item (and then make you an offer!) is for you to bring the item down to our shop. We will be able to tell you whether your item is something we can purchase* and if it is, we will make you an offer for it on the spot! You can find our location and Opening Times here.

Although we see this as the most beneficial way we understand that this isn't always possible. So the next best thing is to grab your camera phone and send us a few snaps. From your pictures, we will be able to tell you if your item is eligible for purchase*. From here we will either try to come out and view your item at your home or workplace or make you an offer over email or text.

You can either send your pictures via email to info@cornardsecondhandshop.co.uk or via picture message** to 07794 841146.


* Items need to be in good enough condition for resale.
** Sending us picture messages may cost you. Please check with your network provider beforehand.

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